10 Romantic and Creative Wedding Ceremony Ideas to Choose From

However grandiose and stylish, a wedding always comes down to that fleeting, yet unforgettable little moment in which the couple finally ties the knot. Saying “I Do” in front of their loved ones in a creative setting and a romantic ambiance is what every lovebird dreams about. Even if there’s a wedding tradition or a ritual that has to be honored, these 10 fairy-tale ideas will make your ceremony one to remember. 

1. Twinkling Lights

Whether you’re planning to marry in the snow-coated castle or to spend an entire day under the clear summer sky, twinkling lights are always a majestic idea. You can hang them from the ceiling or let them fall down loosely from the trees, and they’ll still dazzle your guests and keep them spellbound the entire night. 

2. Ceremony Arch

You’ll want all eyes to be fixed on you, so why not create a flamboyant focal point to make your ceremony even more theatrical? Ceremony arches are typically made with flowers, but you can get creative and design them with branches, curtains and lanterns as well. Whatever you choose, make it imposing, since your celebration of love deserves nothing less. 

3. Swaying Flowers

Every day is a good day for picking flowers, but there’s something about weddings that make blossoms truly symbolic. There’s no romantic ceremony without a couple of rose petals here and there, and you can choose to make them a leitmotif of an entire fiesta. Hang them from the ceiling, scatter them down the aisle and tie them to the chairs – be they spring bloomers or summer bouquets, a dreamy atmosphere is impossible without flowers. 

4. Under the Treetops

For each season of the year, a clearing in the woods is a fanciful spot to say your vows in. Tuck in under the treetops, throw around wooden benches instead of chairs and make a gossamer web from Christmas lights. You won’t be needing much but nature’s simple wonders, so be sure to find a groove with old, tall evergreens that are majestic and lush even in the winter. 

5. The Enchanting Garden

Combine dark wood with profuse greenery and satin white decorations. There’s one enchanting secret garden hiding behind every corner, but you need to look hard and light it up with candles so that others can find it too. Candles in lanterns are one of the simplest, yet most romantic wedding ceremony adornments and they shed a warm, delightfully flickering light.  

6. Sandy Vows

Then again, you can replace candles for torches and have them erected all along the coastline. Beach weddings are wonderful even in the night, and this theme allows you to actually tie a fisherman’s knot to make your bond official and super-tight. Walk barefoot down the aisle, enjoy the warm summer breeze in your hair and have the first wedding dance under the blinking stars. 

7. Surrounded by Love

Whichever wedding theme you eventually choose, think about rearranging guest seats in a circular pattern. Such a layout will put you in the very middle of the circle and make you a centerpiece to behold. This way, you’ll be literally surrounded by your loved ones, and your ceremony will have a more intimate ambiance. 

8. A Loyal Ring Carrier

Already have a furry little bundle of joy that you take care of together? Plenty of couples choose their dogs instead of a traditional ring carrier, so you might want to consider training yours for this very responsible duty. You’ll have your best and most loyal friend right by your side, and once done the wedding video editing, you’ll find that there was no dry eye in the crowd.  

9. Doves Release

Alternately, you can choose the old-fashion approach, and release two white doves after the first kiss. They symbolize blessings, prosperity, and peace, and are a perfect symbolic beginning of a long and fruitful marriage. Although somewhat overdone, this tradition is still every bit as romantic and wondrous as it always has been. 

10. United Sides

Finally, have your bride’s and groom’s sides united. A wedding day is all about the consolidation of two families into one, so there’s no reason for keeping your guests separated. In case they get a bit puzzled by this new layout, put a sign that explains your intention. They’ll surely be honored and wonder why wedding ceremonies haven’t always been arranged in such a fashion.

When it comes to the most important part of every nuptial celebration, wedding themes are only general guidelines that you can choose to follow in entirety or use as inspiration for your own original plan. Be your own, stay romantic and accept our sincere congratulations!

Guest post by Helen Clark