Boudoir Photos - The "Must" Wedding Trend

Boudoir photography. When one hears the word, one thinks of classic lingerie apparel and perhaps the occasional touch of old Hollywood glam. For the modern bride, there is nothing more empowering and vulnerable than the boudoir session. At first, you might feel the essence of the woman, empowered by her own body with no fear or regret. On the other, the sheer vulnerability of the focused camera lens in an intimate setting. 

Boudoir photography sessions are the latest craze in adding a special touch to the biggest day and memento for the groom. A token of appreciation and love. Something just for him. Something personal. Makes it all that more satisfying in receiving it. 

There are fabulous studios in the Lower Mainland where you can book your sessions. Before we get into that, let's see what preparatory measures must be in place before taking your place in front of the lens. 

Items to Bring:

Lace - Anything with lace on or around it. Gives it a feminine and alluring appeal. The more variety of lingerie sets the better. 

Jewelry - Pearls, diamonds, necklaces, chokers, earrings. The look you feel most sexy and comfortable in. Always bring the item that makes you look and feel your best.

Heels - Bring your favorite and slinkiest pair of heels. Different colors are welcomed as long as they coordinate with the sets.

A few days before the shoot, make sure you are squeaky clean and salon prepped. Waxing, manicures, hair cut and styled. Whatever you need to do in the beauty parlor to prep for the best photo shoot of your life. Having a clean face and hair is mandatory as you will be getting your hair and makeup done professionally. 

Places to Shop:

Agent Provocateur
La Perla
Victoria's Secret
La Senza
Online Boutiques

Top 3 in the Lower Mainland:

Lux Portraiture -
Gloss Boudoir -
Chelsey Luren -

Of course, there are many others and do your research and book a session with the photographer that you feel a connection with. Happy hunting!

Guest post by Raj Bee